How it works
Nvoi streamlines hiring and puts workforce management on autopilot
Easily find quality contractors
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Post unlimited job openings for free
With Nvoi you’ll find a range of local contractors, from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps and more.
Get an instant shortlist of recommended candidates
Our algorithm interprets your job opening and generates a shortlist of recommended candidates available for hire. You can also search and drill down on specific skills needed for the job.
Connect with your shortlist of candidates anywhere, anytime
Message contractors in real time, ask questions about their skills or schedule an interview. Find and engage with suitable candidates faster than ever.
Hire with confidence
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Make the right hire with worker ratings and references
Compare top rated skills, previous work experience, portfolios and costs. Ask specific questions with instant messaging or schedule an interview to determine who’s the best fit.
Manage your candidate pipeline
Keep track of recommended contractors, applicants, and your shortlist.
Hire by the hour on a pay-as-you-go basis
Set the weekly schedule and have your contractors show up to your office when you need them.
Automated contracts, timesheets and payroll
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Finalise your offer and contracts in minutes, not weeks
Nvoi automatically takes care of contracts, compliance and employee verification without the need of HR or legal teams. We ensure both parties are covered and that contractors are insured before they’re able to accept an offer.
Schedule with ease
Reduce your time on complex timesheets and admin. Simply set the schedule and update it only if there are changes.
Pay as you go
We bill you, generate invoices and automatically pay your contractors as you go. Nvoi is the employer of record and automates backoffice tasks like TFN declarations, super and payroll.
Access talent without ownership
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Make hiring your competitive advantage
Supplement your current teams with contractors to boost performance and hit your targets
Push critical projects across the finish line
Find the perfect person to help with high priorities or rapidly hire entire teams
Specialised support, without commiting to a full-time hire
Hiring contractors is a low-risk way to build the foundation for a new function in your organisation and test new initiatives.
What you’ll love about Nvoi
Hm communication
Direct communication
Message contractors in real time, ask questions about their skills or schedule an interview.
Hm opening
Unlimited Job Posts
Post as many job openings as you need to advertise within the Nvoi marketplace.
Hm recommendation
Recommendations Engine
Our algorithm uses your job opening to recommend top contractors available for hire.
Hm rating
Ratings and reviews
Our rate and review system keeps our platform honest and promotes high performance.
Hm team
Your team, our responsibility
We review each role you fill, select the right employee classification and stay compliant.
Hm billing
Billing, Invoices and Payroll
We bill you, generate invoices and payments and make the right deductions to save you time
Build your profile
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Set your preferences and availability
Update your location, availability, preferences and rate. Work full time, part time, or a few times a month, the choice is yours.
Showcase your skills and experience
Demonstrate your expertise by describing your experience and skills. Link us to you projects, personal portfolios and professional references.
Let opportunity find you
Get recognised as we broadcast your profile across Australia’s leading companies. As your ratings and reviews grow on Nvoi, so do your earnings and speed to hire.
Receive matches
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Receive job recommendations
We’ll save you time by only matching you to projects that fit your skills, experience and preferences.
Get invites to apply
Spend less time searching and receive direct invites to projects from companies looking for your skills and experience.
Shortlist opportunities and companies
We’ll keep you up to date with the latest projects from your favourite companies. Skip the search and get notified with opportunities that interest you.
Get hired
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Pick and choose your favourite jobs
Compare your offers and accept the best opportunity. Have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how you work.
Speak directly with hiring managers
At Nvoi you chat directly with the decision maker, avoid the middle man and get hired quickly.
Secure your next job
We’ll be on the constant lookout for great jobs so you’ll always have a steady pipeline of work at your disposal as and when you need it.
Get paid
Cw 4
On time, everytime
Never chase a late payment again. At Nvoi, you can count on secure and reliable payments every fortnight with guaranteed superannuation.
We’ve got you covered
After you’ve accepted a job, we take care of all the paperwork including your contract, payslips, worker’s cover and scheduling.
What you’ll love about Nvoi
Hm communication
Direct communication
Message hiring managers in real time and arrange meetings that suit you.
Cw pay
Secure and reliable pay
Get paid at the end of every fortnight. No more having to chase up late payments.
Hm rating
Ratings and reviews
Our rate and review system ensures we support top companies and top professionals like you.
Cw bonus
Super and entitlements
Receive superannuation on top of your hourly rate.