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Upper Coomera
Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA) is the leading provider of information and education to procurement and supply professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. PASA supports the largest community of engaged procurement stakeholders in the ...

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Current opportunitites with Procurement and Supply Australasia

Content Manager
Created 14 Jul 2017
Top skills desired
Content Management
Project description
We are seeking a Content Manager to produce our market-leading procurement conferences and to work with us providing enhanced benefits to our PASA Connect membership network. This role is permanent part-time - approximately 20 hours per week, but this will vary due to the seasonal nature of our business. Some weeks might be slightly more, others slightly less – we will need you to be slightly flexible to work as required. To qualify for the role, you will have a strong understanding of procurement and the issues and challenges faced by procurement practitioners. The ability to write well is also a pre-requisite i.e. the ability to write sentences that actually make sense! It really is staggering how often we come across written work that is impossible to understand. So what will our ‘Content Manager’ do? Reporting directly to the Managing Director, the content manager will: Research potential topics and speakers for conferences Invite and confirm speakers Develop promotional copy for sessions with speakers Write overviews/introductions for conferences Develop marketing copy about conferences for promotional emails and stories Research potential subject matter/topics for PASA Connect Round-tables Develop agendas for PASA Connect round-tables Finalise minutes of round-table sessions and classify for upload into the PASA Connect Resource Centre Classify tools, templates and other documents shared by PASA Connect members for upload to the Resource Centre Occasionally the Content Manager may be asked to attend conferences he/she has produced or certain PASA Connect Round-tables And more… Full training will be provided in the processes required for each of the above elements. It is really not that complicated, but does require good research and writing skills and as mentioned previously a strong background in procurement. As the majority of the work is conducted by telephone and email, we have no pre-conceptions regarding where you are based, though there would be a minor advantage to being in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Please note that this role as not a stopgap or ‘filler’ type role, but rather one for the medium to long term. In applying for the position, please tell us how this role fits in with your plans in your medium to long-term horizons (3-5 years).
  • Hourly rate and bonus package is negotiable.