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Market Research
Created 24 Apr 2018
Newstead | per hour
Top skills desired
Business plans
Business analysis
Market research
Project description
We are looking for a market research professional with (with experience in focus group and interview questioning and interpretation of responses) to assist with a market research project involving a leading surf board brand. The project will involve one-to-one interviews (which is proposed to be undertaken by in-house marketing professionals) and the market research professional will assist with developing the survey questions, interpretation of responses and other related aspects.
To gain an in-depth understanding and further insight into the target market (surfboard riders).
• Who are our customers? What defines them? What attracts them to the brand?
Do they understand the relationship between related brands?
• To better understand what our customer wants/expects of the brand and its
• To understand the ideal ‘age entry point’ into a surfers board preference
To understand the values that the brand represents in the mind of the consumer.
• What do consumers like and or dislike about the brand image?
Where do surfer riders get their information and recommendations about boards?
- Preferred choice of sales channels
- Influence of pro-surfers on purchase decisions
- Use of social media and platforms used
Gold Coast/ Brisbane
Ongoing engagement paid by hour