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Business card and landing page ("image pack" for my moon-lighting consultancy)
Created 04 Mar 2017
Top skills desired
Graphic design
Project description
I started an IT consultancy on the side, I created a landing page: I offer general "IT consultancy" and one specific service: a "data insight" using "graph theory" to describe the interconnections between IT systems in a way that you can use to understand how all the moving pieces interact with each other, and when something fails, quickly understand the impact. Details: Keywords are: "big data", "graph theory", "graph database", "network", "insight", "monitoring", "full-stack", "dependency", "potential impact", "ownership"
  • Design a simple, static one-page, that I can host in Github based on , and , and preferably using some colors to match (that's the "template" I use for my product)
  • Provide the artwork so I can print a "business card" or "infinity card" with or maybe a "pop-up" like
  • Provide the artwork for the above in a way/format so I can also adapt it to use for a "letterhead", "banner in LinkedIn" and whatever I need in the future