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Current opportunitites with 31stsecond

Senior Account Manager
Created 03 Nov 2017
Top skills desired
Account management
Finance Management
Time Management
Project Management
Project description

We are on the hunt for a highly experienced Account Manager or Senior Account Manager with Point of Sale (POS) experience to join their team on a three to four week contract. The ideal candidate will have the following skills and attributes:

Leads the Process: Is the go-to person for implementation. Takes responsibility for keepingthe client and internal team on track. Knows when to raise concerns and get moresenior input.

Takes Care of Day-to- day Client Interaction: With the support of AD, can represent the clientto their company and the company to the client. Builds strong relationships internally and with their client counterparts. Demonstrates an ability to set aside personal issue for the team. Practices diplomacy and maturity.

ATTITUDE & INVOLVEMENTFlexible, Adaptable, & Contributes to the organization: Takes responsibility for finding ways to make things work. Is resilient. Adjusts to changes on an ongoing basis. Has presence within the organization. Has passion for and believes in good creative work. Has a positive attitude to work.

Good Verbal, Written & Presentation Skills: Can succinctly distil and explain ideas andconcepts. Can clearly describe a position or creative idea. Can confidently express anopinion.

Project Management: Owns the project. Demonstrates high standards and effective executionin all endeavours. Effectively manages client expectations.

Sound Knowledge of Client's Business/Operates Effectively & Efficiently within Processes. Understands the organisational structure & culture of the client's marketing operations. Understands the clients’ product portfolio and the competitive environment. Clearly understands the company objectives. Can understand and independently operate within the internal processes. Uses their understanding of the other client groups within company to generate initiatives and share relevant information.

Analytical Skills: Can identify key/relevant stakeholders and predict their reactions. Can assess what outcomes will result from different scenarios. Thinks several steps ahead. Applies learning from previous situations cumulatively.

Financial Management Internally & Externally: Has an understanding of financial agreements with clients. Able to manage jobs and raise any issue with the appropriate person. Ensures PO’s, quotations and invoices are up to date and maintained and that budgets are handled responsibly.

Demonstrates “Better Together” Company Values in Every Area of Role: Lives and breathes their “Better Together” values – Effective, Real and Curious. Embrace agency values andseek new ways to develop them in everything they do. As part of the culture & philosophy staff are required to embrace and create new ideas, challenge convention, be noticed (in a good way), enjoy ourselves, be respectful and respected, open, fair courteous relationships with clients, staff and suppliers, be grounded, encouraging, hands on and caring.