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Senior Brand and Digital Strategist
Created 10 Mar 2017
Top skills desired
Business Strategy
Strategic Communications
Strategic Planning
Presenting & Communicating
Digital Agency
Creative Thinking
Creative Agency
Consumer Trends
Consumer Insight
Project description
BLACK SWANS - Freelance or Full-Time Opportunity In my experience, there are 5 kinds of Senior Strategist: The kind that creates strategies based on a focus group of one: themselves The kind that needs to be the smartest guy in the room and shut themselves out of the possibility of anyone else’s contribution having value The kind that buys ideas that are cool, with no consideration for sales and profit The kind that believes strategy is 100% process and 0% accident The Black Swan: The one who knows their job is to get out of the way and let the facts lead them closer to the answer and allow the happy accident to get them the rest of the way We have an opening for one of these rare birds in our agency. If you want to be a part of something that can change our world, please complete your Nvoi application & we will be in touch.
  • You need to have proven experience in brand strategy and building brands
  • Proven experience in business and marketing strategies
  • Have over 8 years multidisciplinary experience ranging from traditional, digital, experiential
  • Demonstrable ability to grow current accounts via your strategy
  • Able to manage a team of UX, data and other strategists
  • Able to communicate and build relationships with C-Level executives in small and big brands