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How Nvoi works

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Leverage your Android development skills

Access the most exciting Android development projects on offer in Melbourne. Match your skills with roles that challenge you and add to your portfolio. Find companies with projects and teams that you want to work with. Take the risk out of your next project with a platform that ensures you get paid on time. This is the new world of work and Nvoi takes you there.

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Why Choose Nvoi

Time is money


Get paid. On time. Every time.

Simple. Secure. Always money in the bank. Nvoi’s payment system is designed to be simple
and secure. Here’s how it works. Business pay Nvoi when they book your work. Nvoi pays
you when you show up for work. No more asking for money you’re owed, chasing
timesheets or invoices. Let Nvoi manage your best interests - automatically.



Earn more with Nvoi

Nvoi cuts out recruiter’s fees, so less of your paycheck ends up going to the middle man,
and take home all your earnings. Get paid what you’re actually worth.

Focus on the work, not the admin. With Nvoi, taxes, payroll and insurance are all handled
automatically in the platform.


Earning Potential

You’re worth more than you think

Whether it’s your first home, the big day, or just keeping up with the busy lifestyle - fund it
all with your biggest asset; your skills. Earn on your terms, your schedule and create the
lifestyle you deserve. All sooner than you thought possible. Discover more flexible ways to
get paid.

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Build your Brand

Your profile you’re in control

You’re profile is your brand, your billboard, your instant credibility. A place to mention your
experiences, accomplishments and the skills you used to get you there. It’s a place to show
off what you’re worth. A tool that delivers you total control. Control who see it and when.
Control the flow of opportunity. Create opportunity today. Create your profile.



Nvoi is made for workers

Until now managing your professional career has been an impossible burden. You had to
do all the hard work through job boards, recruitment agency. timesheets, payslip
management, interviews all wrapped in false promises and broken dreams. It’s impossible
to know where to look. We get it. We have build and incredible platform that will redefine
what work means to you.

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